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Jim's Gardening Tips

        • May 24th 2017.
          It appears that maybe the rains are slowing down and we will again feel the temps more normal to this time of the year.  Here are a few ideas to keep in mind after the rains we have gotten:
          WE CAN STILL PLANT TREES AND SHRUBS:  Because plants are in containers we can plant ALL season long well into the fall.  If you are thinking of redoing some of your landscaping, the knowledgeable people at Turtle Creek can help.
          WE CAN STILL PLANT ANNUALS AND PERENNIALS: Turtle Creek has an excellent selection of colorful annuals and long lasting perennials for your gardens.
          You may be seeing more earthworms in your yard but rolling your yard this time of the year is not a good idea.  With it so soggy, rolling may actually cause your soil to become hard once we get into the time of the year when it becomes drier.  Ask the folks at Turtle Creek for the best way to fill in a ‘bumpy lawn’
          If your grass has gotten extra tall, it would be best to collect the cut grass with a bagger or rake.  Leaving long cut grass can lead to thatch and fungus problems.
          We have seen some fungus on some plants already this season due to the dampness and cloudy days.  If you have fruit trees, be sure to get your scheduled spraying done soon.
        May 8th, 2017
        One's result in growing either annuals, perennials, trees or shrubs is
        directly related to the soil that it has the opportunity to start in. In all
        cases the soil should be friable.  In other words 'easily worked' or easily
        crumbles.  The soil mixes available for annuals now days is a testament to
        the excellent results we find in our greenhouse annuals.

        With perennials, trees and shrubs we always like to use an organic matter
        like composted manure and a substance like sphagnum peat moss that helps to
        make the growing medium workable and helps initially to retain some

        If you have questions about your soil, please ask one of Turtle Creeks '
        experts' with your growing soil needs.
      April 28, 2017
      Mother Nature is at it again   .   .  .’keeping us guessing’ BUT there are a few things we can be doing in our gardens and yards:
      1 -  if your garden is ready  .  .  . plant potatoes
      2 – pansies and violas can tolerate temps down into the 20’s
      3 – if your ground is not saturated  .  .  you can plant potted nursery stock like shrubs, evergreens and fruits
      4 -  make sure your lawn mower is serviced, blade sharpen and ready to go
      5 – be sure tree wrap is taken off your trees
    April 22, 2017
    1 – do not rake lawns until the ground is firm, not while soggy
    2 – remove debris like leaves and stems from over-wintering perennials; cut back ornamental grass to about 1 foot
    3 – add mulch to your beds
    4 – ‘sanitize’ your flower pots you will be using this year
              -using equal amounts of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle
              -spray the container and scrub with a plastic brush
              -be sure the containers are thoroughly dry before using them
    5 -  sharpen blades, change oil and spark plugs on lawn mowers and tillers
    6 – plan out your flower beds
    7 – remove tree wraps from your trees







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